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Joy & Doug Smith
Holland, MI

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Hi, my name is Joy Smith.  My husband (Doug) and I live in Southwest Michigan.  We live on 3 acres out in the country not far from town.  We have three children and 12 grandchildren, and we all live within 10 miles of each other.   We are truly blessed!

First, and above all else, our dogs live with us because they are our pets.  We are NOT a kennel.  Our dogs and puppies are underfoot and exposed to our ever day activities.  We feel it is important to incorporate our little ones in our daily routine so the are well adjusted and socialized before going to their new homes.  When possible, and with supervision, we have the grandchildren interact too.

I am a member of the Biewer Terrier Club of America, and our dogs are registered with the Biewer Terrier Registry, and now with the American Kennel Club.  It is our desire to help the club preserve and protect the Biewer Terrier, as well as educate people about the breed.  We follow the clubs code of ethics and pride ourselves on our breeding program.  We welcome, and encourage, prospective puppy buyers to come to our home and visit whenever possible.  It's not only important for any puppy buyer to get to know where their puppy is coming from, but it's equally important for us to get to meet and know the families our puppies are going to as well.

We are blessed to have our Biewers with us.  They have enriched our lives in so many ways.  It is our hope that you will find out more about the Biewer Terrier as you browse through our website.  If at any time you have questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for visiting PupJoy Biewers.
Joy & Doug Smith
PupJoy Biewers
Joy Smith - Holland, MI
Michigan Breeder of Biewer Terriers

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