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Joy & Doug Smith
Holland, MI

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Biewer Terrier AdeeI fell in love with my veterinarian's Biewer Terrier puppy and decided I wanted to find one for myself, but I couldn't find any puppies in Maryland or in nearby states. When I found PupJoy online I emailed for information and through many emails and a few phone conversations I knew that Joy was someone I could trust. We picked Adee up at the airport and it was love at first lick! The process was easy and Adee arrived in March at Reagan National Airport like a princess. She was happy, outgoing, and affectionate from the first moment. And now, she's running around at home with our chocolate lab and Boston terrier mix. Her best friend though is our orange tabby.

This was my first experience buying a purebred dog (we've rescued a dozen over the years) and my first experience obtaining a pet advertised on the internet. I wouldn't hesitate to call Joy again and add another goofball bundle to our pack. If I could have gone to Michigan to see Adee, I would have, but it wasn't possible, so having the internet allowed me to enjoy the sweetest dog I've ever met. 

Adee says PupJoy ROCKS! And I believe her.  

AlvisOur Alvis, a Biewer pup at 6 months of age seems oblivious of his small size. He is ever eager for adventure, is highly energetic, brave, and clever. We have found him to be very intelligent, loyal and very devoted. He is so fun loving and affectionate with the family and friends. Our vet was extremely impressed with him and has given us a excellent bill of health.

After loosing our 16 year old Yorkie we never thought we could possibly love again, Alvis has shown us just how wrong we were. Thank you Joy for all the time and love you put into this litter, he has exceeded our expectations.

Terri Eickhoff

PupJoy Biewers
Joy Smith - Holland, MI
Michigan Breeder of Biewer Terriers

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